DobleVida (“DoubleLife”) is a trio pop punk band from Córdoba, Argentina. Formed in 2012 by 3 friends grown up at the same neighborhood, by 2014 they started developing a special passion towards California punk, stake punk alternative genre. Major influences include Blink 182 and Green Day, combined also with modern pop punk bands like Neck Deep and State Champs. The band released two official records so far, by independent labels. The first one in 2015 called “Viaje” (“Trip”), and the second one in 2017 called “Los Días Sin Fin” (“The Endless Days”). Due to the lack of the genre popularity in Argentina, to step up into a more professional career requires several resources to have access to good opportunities in the industry. Finding projects like Chord Protocol, beautifully allow local bands to share their music to the world in a transparent and innovative way. We are happy to be part of it.

  • 1 California
  • 2 Capitan
  • 3 Evitar