Born in 1991, iermann is a young talented french music producer living in Paris. His passion for electronic music started in his childhood. He was amazed by the freshness of famous artists like Daft Punk, Eric Prydz and many more. At the time he felt very comfortable with computers and started producing music with Fruity Loops. So he never stopped since then. He has tried different styles (hip hop, trap, electro) before moving towards a unique and recognizable melodic techno. He produces music without limits and uses basics codes of techno mixed with groovy basslines and catchy melodies inspired from electro, trance and hi-tech minimal. Each of its tracks tell a story and make you feel emotions. In 2020, iermann released himself his first three tracks called « Golden Ticket », « Near Death Experience » and « Trapped ». It's just a taste of what he's capable of, the best is yet to come.

  • 1 Golden ticket
  • 2 Near death experience
  • 3 Trapped