Kitty Purrnaz

Kitty Purrnaz is an up-and-coming independent artist born and raised in sunny Singapore. Coined as a shy “bedroom chanteuse” amongst her followers, the autodidact music producer and singer/songwriter was first put on radar for her Soundcloud demos and quirky music cover(s) in 2019. Following her addition into the Noise Music Mentorship 2019 roster as an apprentice, in collaboration with mentors, Evan Low of Evanturetime and Imran Ajmain; Kitty went on to release her debut single “cry” (2020) and has accumulated over 500,000 streams on Spotify to this day. Inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Bülow, Melanie Martinez, Charlie Puth and Julia Michaels, Kitty is a lover of nostalgia and modernity; poetry and wordplays. Quintessences that remains true to her musical identity.

  • 1 Cry
  • 2 Hello
  • 3 One mississippi