Normally, people grow out of wanting to be a DJ and making music, but I grew into it! After spending a lifetime clubbing and going to festivals, I found the new dance music being released was just a bit dull and uninspiring, not even close to the anthems of the golden era. So I decided that I would start making the sort of tracks I wanted to hear myself!
Under the guidance and tutorage of legendary producer Dark by Design, I started to craft my sound. Hard Dance, that has the feel of the tracks we all used to love. Blending many genres of Hard Dance, really blurring the lines on each track, if it's hard and it's dance, I like it, why should it have to fit a category like hard house, trance, techno, or hard style or dubstep? Just make tracks that make you want to go crazy on a dancefloor!
From England, UK.

  • 1 Can't Sleep
  • 2 Dance Anarchist
  • 3 Producerism
  • 4 Price of Freedom