María Laín

María Laín is a musical and vital project at the same time. Madrid-born with Swedish ancestry, she has been composing music for as long as she can remember. Always accompanied by her faithful piano, she created a repertoire of songs that culminated in two albums that hit like a thurderstruck in the indie rock space. The first, Assymmetry (2015), was produced by Alicia Alemán and Gonzalo Lasheras. The second, More or Less (2016), was closed by the hand of Suso Saiz. Maria is a mixture of musicality, heartbreak and honesty. In her music, reckless intimacy and a rupturist presence converge. Her motto would be to get unattached to any club, because her music is unconventional and timeless. Her vital attitude, a constant trial-and-error broken only by his perseverance in creation. All of her material is her own, and in addition to his music there are several audiovisual works, which accompany her music from the other artistic spectrum: video clips, contents for social networks, documentaries, etc. Having just finished her third album, B/SIDE, recorded between 2018 and 2019 at Estudios Manuela and produced by David Baldo, she is preparing to put her music on the map. To claim her weird side and get out of the loop of the established, she has bet on a promising image for which she has counted on Alberto García-Alix and Frédérique Bangerter.

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